Previous Rooms (Story)

You and your friends are having a nice little get together and among the drinks and laughs someone says out loud “I wish I could just go and rob a bank”. To which another friend replies, hey, why not? I saw a FLYER the other day and it said something about looking for bank robbers. Everyone at this point is dead silent and staring at John, the one who just said what seemed to be a joke but his face is indicating complete seriousness. 5 minutes later and you are now calling a random number…. A deep, criminal sounding voice picks and suddenly, this no longer feels like a dream.
You receive instructions directly to your email and are now on route to a secret location where the planning will take place for a sort of test alongside an entry fee of a cool $250,000 which you must extract from the vault. Can you impress the boss? Escape with enough money before setting off any alarms? Only one way to find out….
Following the events from the Locksmith now has enough funds to proceed with his bigger plans. What are they? Well, he decided to hit The Panama Canal with a special biological agent he had gotten from the black market. This toxic caused an OUTBREAK on humans nearby with strange reactions which seemed to make them very sick, die and then turn into what seemed like zombies, yes, the living dead.
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EscapeRoomPanama was selected as one of the national shelters due to its strategic location and being one of the few left in town you receive a message to head there and if possible, find a Dr Rick Williams and obtain the cure from him.
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After almost being caught by ICTA, The Locksmith is mad, and he has now put a price on the head of all ICTA members. He also called in his half brother Mike, a psychopathic hitman to take care of them.
You have now been contacted by Pedro, a victim of Mike and apparently key to the investigations against the Locksmith. Not knowing what to expect, you follow his trail and found it leads to an old shopping mall called Paitilla Mall. You know he's inside and from the intel gathered this appears to be Mike's home, which is used as some sort of torture/game he likes to play with his victims. He thinks he's smarter than you and your
group, is he really? You'll have to step into his world and find out, just remember, Pedro said he was in THE BASEMENT.
ICTA finally got a big lead on The Locksmith and seemed to have traced his location to a nearby apartment building. First responders have already gone in to secure the area and report back but a team of higher caliber is now needed to go in and stop his terrorist attempts, this is after all, the biggest of all of Panama.
That’s where you come in, but wait, apparently something has gone terribly wrong once inside. His latest strike is just starting and you will have limited time to try and stop it! What? A game? Stakes have never been this high and this might the the toughest mission you have ever done. Will you be able to work as an elite task force of investigators and complete all of the objectives? If you don’t… great cost will incur.
Months have gone by after the Locksmith's latest strike to the Panama Canal. Due to the sheer magnitude of it and amount of law enforcement that is now after him, he has chosen to hide for the time being. This has made things tough for Half-Mango, because without jobs, he can't get paid. So, the boss gave him info to get in contact with his friend Norberto, a construction company owner who has been working closely with the big fat man himself, Santa Claus. Anyways, it looks like there is something going on at the North Pole and you must go into Santa's workshop and find a BLACKLIST.
Apparently it has all of your names in it and if they remain here, you will be excluded from
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the big day (yes, Christmas that is). So go on over, meet up with Norberto and find out what you have to do in order to get it, find the list and get our before Santa comes back.
Christmas has come and gone and things are starting to become financially tight this 2017. Half-Mango has been getting some help online thanks to certain e-books on how to branch out and start your own company. So, from the message you received, it looks like there is
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a foreigner living next door to the toy store hideout and he seems to have quite a bit of money. He also seems to be having family issues atm which has made him leave town to go spend some time with his family members back in the states. So, seeing all of this and having big dreams on creating his own heists-on-the-go company, Half-Mango has contacted you once more for a little job. Come help him sack Bill's house and get all of the goodies he has, now, things do seem a bit strange once you go in, so remember, let's work in SILENCE!
Months have gone by and the FIFA World Cup 2018 is coming up. Panama’s technical director has lost his notebook with all the plays and in depth analysis of the competition.
Word on the street is that it was last seen at , one of The Locksmith’s front businesses… are you brave enough to go visit his clandestine bar and try to find Bolillo’s notebook before he comes back?
Are you willing to sacrifice your life for Panama’s national football team?